Dunas, Knokke

photography © cafeine


Immerse yourself in an ambiance where the essence of Belgian design seamlessly blends with the meeting of sea and land. At Dunas Knokke, the fusion of casual fine dining and luxurious bespoke pieces from Collett & Victor creates an unforgettable narrative. It's a tribute to nature, artisanal craftsmanship, and culinary excellence—a sensory journey that leaves a lasting impression, resonating far beyond the final indulgence.

Interior design


Nestled alongside the dunes along the Belgian coast, the prominent interior designers from Grain Design Office drew their inspiration for Dunas' interior directly from its surroundings—the vast expanse of the sea and the undulating dunes.


Embracing textures and volumes as its primary tools, the design concept effortlessly captures the essence of its maritime locale. Every aspect of the restaurant serves as a homage to the sea and the dunes, from the sinuous tailor made benches to the ceiling adorned with dune grass, evoking a sense of organic movement and natural beauty.

"Pre-cast rammed concrete contrasts with soft benches in organic shapes, as if the wind itself blew them against the walls and created their forms." - Grain Designstudio

Tailor made furniture

The Collett & Victor custom made furniture goes well beyond the standardized product. In the selection of materials, dimensions and finishes, every piece can be customized to a very high degree. We draw on the inspiration of our clients and offering them the possibility to add their distinct signature to our luxurious designs, completely manufactured in our workshop in Belgium

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