Joie de vivre project, Knokke

Interior decoration and furniture by JPDemeyer&Co

Interior design by Nathalie Deboel

photography: cafeine

Made to measure

We invite you to come to us with an idea, a rough sketch or mood board of an interior. Starting from there, we work with our customers to create a made-to-measure design. You can come to us for our in-house collection or for a unique seat tailored to your interior project. For a single-seater or couch or built-in sofa. As furniture for an interior or for outdoor use. From boldly eclectic to pure and minimalist. We will guide you all the way from design to realisation. With love for detail and in keeping with the tradition of quality that has characterised us for years.

Cosmopolitan Flair project, London

Design Nathalie Deboel

photography: cafeine

The Nine project, Brussels

Design Helène Van Marcke

photography @cafeine


The Nine is a women’s club in Brussels. Set in the EU Quarter in an exquisite art nouveau house with an eclectic style, this space for women designed by women boasts stylish decorations, architecture, and artworks. The clubhouse functions as a place where members can meet and greet, read and learn, work and collaborate but also relax and unwind. The one off pieces in the cafe and restaurant were designed by Hélène Van Marcke and created in our atelier.

Avenue Marceau project, Paris

Design Helène Van Marcke

Photography @cafeine


This project in the Avenue Marceau in Paris occupies the top two floors of a Haussman-style stone building and has views of the Eiffel Tower, Sacré Coeur and Arc de Triomphe. Interior designer Hélène Van Marcke aims for creations with a strong impact and a timeless feel. Delivering a mix of softness and rigidity, she creates spaces that feel sophisticated without being pretentious and “always with a touch of retro humor”. Natural materials can be seen throughout to create a sophisticated and elegant space.

Radio Residence, Belgian Coast

Design Benoit Viaene

Photography @Benoit Viaene

Project 2.10 , Belgian countryside

Design Atelier 10.8

photography @Piet-albert Goethals


Situated in the Belgian countryside, this home is a testament to Belgian minimalist design. Abundant with natural light, the interior features a considered selection of neutral, warm tones and textured materials. Each of the design features showcases the thoughtful attention to detail.

Park view, Gent

Design Charlotte Vercruysse

photography @Depasquale.maffini

Home collection

The Collett & Victor In-house Collection, designed and manufactured in our workshop in Belgium, proposes a range of upholstered furniture: sofas, one-seaters, headboards, chairs, benches, and ottomans. Our designs are both timeless and design-conscious, their quality ensured by the vast experience of our master artisans. Staying true to our DNA the Home Collection goes well beyond the standardized product. In the selection of materials, dimensions and finishes, every piece can be customized to a very high degree, drawing on the inspiration of our clients and offering them the possibility to add their distinct signature to a classic design.

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