The Nine Project

Private members club, Brussels

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Located in Brussels, The Nine Project by Hélène Van Marcke adds another layer of vibrancy to its surroundings. The female-focused members club seamlessly blends architecture, design, and sustainability. The exclusive clubhouse has a very pronounced eclectic look and original features which are enhanced by custom pieces in the cafe and restaurant which were designed by Hélène and created in our atelier. 

Interior design


Hélène Van Marcke drew inspiration from the existing color palette and materials found within the space, embracing the rich history and character of the location. The floral glass Art Nouveau skylight and the remnants of an old oak floorboard, served as the perfect foundation for her design approach.

The eclectic wallpaper perfectly complemented the ambiance of the main floor and served as a guiding influence for the rest of the materials used. The plush velvet lounge chairs, with their sumptuous texture and inviting embrace, enable guest to relax and unwind in style. Each chair was carefully crafted to blend seamlessly with the ambiance of the space, offering a perfect balance of elegance and comfort.

The Nine, Belgium's first female-focused private members club

Bespoke furniture

The bespoke furniture crafted by Collett & Victor transcends the realm of standardized products. Each piece is meticulously tailored to the unique preferences of our clients, offering an unparalleled level of customization in materials, dimensions, and finishes. Drawing inspiration from our clients' visions, we provide them with the opportunity to imprint their distinctive mark on our luxurious designs, all meticulously manufactured within our workshop in Belgium.

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