Masters in the art of upholstering since 1982.

Upholstery artisans, since 1982

As true masters of the trade, we have been creating various types of seats since 1982.

From restoration to finished product, from rough sketch to a bespoke design for your interior project.

The result is 100% Belgian, true to the best traditions of quality and refinement.

Our atelier,
The beating heart of the company

Our team of 30 experienced craftsmen is at home with all types of fabrics and familiar with the secrets of each. Each of them creates - with their unique hands, eyes, and sense of perfection - seats that will stand out in any interior. From wooden carcass to finished design, all our creations come to life in our workshop in Izegem. And often they return there after many years for a loving restoration, a new upholstery, a second life. A sustainable story, hand made in Belgium.

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Home Collection

The Collett & Victor In-house Collection, designed and manufactured in our workshop in Belgium, proposes a range of upholstered furniture: sofas, one-seaters, headboards,
chairs, benches, and ottomans. Our designs are both timeless and design-conscious, their quality ensured by the vast experience of our master artisans.

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Made to measure

For the past forty years, we have been helping top interior designers bring their visions and creations to life. This journey has made us who we are today: a team of highly skilled and experienced craftspeople with a profound passion for bespoke upholstered furniture. We love to be challenged and thrive on complexity, never compromising the high quality standard we are known for. That is why our relationship with our clients is our greatest good. Their projects continuously push us to take our mastery to the next level. We closely work together with every designer, often shaping and adjusting the pieces while they are being produced in our atelier. From first drawings to finished product, we pride ourselves in helping our clients create some of the most exquisite residential interiors, high end retail projects and restaurant designs.

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JPDemeyer&Co, A fearless eye for living.

We often have long standing relationships and close collaborations with our clients. Belgian antiques dealer and interior designer Jean-Philippe Demeyer is a perfect example. Demeyer and his two business partners, Frank Ver Elst and Jean-Paul Dewever, began their company with a small antiques shop in the Belgian seaside resort of Knokke. Today the three partners operate a much more far-reaching business under the name JPDemeyer&Co, including interior decorating, antiques dealing, restoration and the design of bespoke sofas and chairs. Demeyer likes to describe his taste as “anti-serious.” That is, humorous, but not in a way that makes anyone laugh. He seeks surprising juxtapositions of pieces from different eras, origins, colors and moods, happily juxtaposing objects with high patina and funky style, against expensive objects and items of found-art kitsch. JPDemeyer&Co has been included in the prestigious AD100 list.

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